Six months to the election – let’s make it count | ActionAid UK

Eva Watkinson

Campaigns Engagement Manager

Today marks six months until the UK general election on May 7th. The next few months are crucial. Together we have to get tax dodging - which costs developing countries and the UK billions - to the top of politicians' agendas.

Campaigners hold sign outside parliament, reading 'Stop the budget tax loophole, costing poor countries billions'
Campaigners take action for tax justice outside parliament

Over the past few months, campaigners across the UK have been pushing hard to make sure politicians know that constituents in their communities want them to act. Over 10,000 people have taken action across the UK. Seventeen councils have passed a motion against tax dodging; we’ve got coverage for the campaign in local media, and got local shops and businesses on board.

Have a look at our map to see if your council has already passed a motion supporting the campaign.

But we need to ramp up the pressure. Tax dodging costs the UK an estimated 12 billion every year and developing countries lose three times more to tax havens than they receive in aid.

ActionAid's global tax dodging campaign

It's not just in the UK that campaigners are taking action. Activists have been campaigning in over 20 countries as part of our global campaign. Charity Chisnaga, a campaigner from Zambia told us why she got involved: 

Why this campaign is important to countries like Zambia is that revenue lost through tax havens denies ordinary citizens access to good healthcare services and education.

“Tax is a global issue and that's the reason more support is needed in solidarity, so that this giant monster of tax havens can be fought by all to make the world a better place for all.”

Holding politicians to account

We’ve already heard commitments from many politicians about taking action on tax dodging, but we have to make sure they are held to account. And the only way to do that is to make sure they know people in communities across the UK want them to act.

We’ve got a great opportunity over the next few months, let’s make it count.

Take action today by getting your local shops to sign up to the campaign, emailing your local councillors or spreading the word about our Towns Against Tax Dodging campaign.