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All I want for Christmas

Thanks to your support 2014 has been pretty fantastic. But our work is far from done and we’re all really excited about what’s on the cards for 2015. So we put together this Christmas wish list with just a flavour of what we’ve got planned.

1. For the next government to put tackling tax dodging at the top of their agenda

Whichever political party gets into government after May’s general election needs to make sure they prioritise tackling tax dodging by big businesses in poor countries. Over four in five of us believe tax dodging is unfair, and every year governments around the world are losing out on billions of pounds of tax that could be going to provide basic services like roads, schools and hospitals to fight poverty.

Also if the next government stopped companies dodging tax, by next Christmas we might be able to worry a bit less about whether or not we’re buying our presents from tax dodgers!

2. A fair deal for developing countries on climate change

Richer countries caused most of the problem, but it’s the world’s poorest people that are bearing the brunt of climate change. With the global climate change negotiations gearing up for a big meeting in Paris in December 2015, we need to push politicians for a fair deal that sees carbon emissions drastically reduced and that ensures there’s support for developing countries.

3. To make the world a safer place for women

Women and girls around the world face widespread violence, sexual harassment and abuse in their homes, workplaces, on the streets and on public transport.

The new ActionAid UK Women’s Rights campaign will launch in 2015 where we’ll stand together to empower women all over the world to break the cycle of poverty and violence.

4. For the global movement to keep growing

We’re part of a powerful and growing community of activists and campaigners across the world fighting to end poverty and its causes. Next year, we hope to see our movement go from strength to strength. And we’re so glad that you’re a part of it!

5. You!

We couldn’t do any of this without our fantastic supporters! Whether you’re signing a petition, writing to a CEO, meeting your MP, donating money, or writing to the local press, it’s your support that can help make all of this possible.

As well as all of the amazing things you do at home and in your communities, we love meeting you face-to-face so we can provide support and share ideas. In January and February next year we’ll be holding a number of events across the UK, providing training on how to campaign to get companies to pay their fair share of taxes across the world! Make our wish come true? Grab your free space!

So whatever you’re celebrating this festive season, from everyone here on the ActionAid UK Campaigns Team, have a great time and we’ll be in touch in the new year with great ways to get involved!

What do you want to see in 2015? Add your ideas in the comments below.