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This week sees George Osborne announce the next government Budget. But will it do enough to help tackle the tax dodging that's costing poor countries and the UK billions?

Read on to find out what we think about today's Budget announcement, and to catch up with the action from yesterday's #MakeTaxFair stunt in Westminster.

The #MakeTaxFair team take the campaign to Westminster
The #MakeTaxFair team take the campaign to Westminster


Responding to the government’s Budget speech, Jenny Ricks, ActionAid’s Head of Campaigns said: “Today’s Budget is one small step towards tackling tax dodging, but we are still waiting for the giant leap forward.  

“Even with these measures, the UK and many of the poorest countries in the world will continue to lose out to tax avoidance by UK companies that costs billions of pounds in lost revenue. The British public will not yet feel that politicians are taking this issue seriously enough.

“That’s why we need all political parties to back the Tax Dodging Bill, a comprehensive law to tackle corporate tax dodging. A proper commitment to preventing tax avoidance would raise billions that should be used to tackle poverty, both here and in developing countries.”


Over the last few months campaigners have been pushing hard for all parties to commit to the introduction of a Tax Dodging Bill — a new law to help crack down on tax dodging. It could net developing countries an extra £3billion to help fight poverty and an extra £3.6bn for the UK.

Over 85% of people in the UK want more action against tax dodging – but our politicians still aren’t doing enough to close the loopholes.

So we’ve taken the campaign to their doorstep. We’ve been outside the Treasury all this morning to make sure politicians get the message ahead of the budget announcement tomorrow. 

You can keep track of the day’s activity with the Storify below, follow the campaign on Twitter at #MakeTaxFair and help us to ramp up the pressure by contacting your election candidate.


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