Global poverty and injustice can feel pretty overwhelming. If you'd like to make the world a better place but you don't know where to start - we've got just the opportunity for you.

We're recruiting volunteer Local Organisers to campaign in communities across the UK. June 8th is the application deadline. Here are five reasons why you should think about applying...

Local organisers and community campaigners
Local organisers and community campaigners at a London training event

1) You'll be in excellent company 

Last year we recruited 10 local organisers, from Leeds to London, from a journalist to an environmental engineer. They're an incredible, inspiring bunch and if you come on board you'll have the privilege of getting to know them too, as well as our ActionAid team - who are also pretty great (not that I'm biased).

2) The roles come with fantastic opportunities

Over the last year our Local Organisers have blogged for us, written emails to 50,000+ ActionAid supporters, met MPs at various party conferences, hosted local events, got stories covered in local press and much, much more.

ActionAid 'Towns Against Tax Dodging' training, London, UK

Here's what James Taylor has to say about the role: "I’ve been a Local Organiser since August last year. The experience so far has been fantastic! A highlight was when I met Danny Alexander at the Liberal Democrat conference and got to grill him with specific questions about the campaign for a Tax Dodging Bill." 

3) Your actions will make a difference

Last year over 100 people came to local events, many run by Local Organisers, to find out more about tax dodging and how to support our tax campaign. Most recently the campaign for a Tax Dodging Bill has got results in party manifestos across the board. Our Local Organisers played an important role in this success through their hard work meeting and questioning Parliamentary candidates

4) You'll get an inside view of our campaigns

Local Organisers are the first to know what we're up to, and will be playing a big role in our new campaign tackling violence against women and girls launching in June. You'd get the opportunity to shape and improve our activism and can take things in the direction that best fits your skills and passion.

5) We offer loads of support and training

We'll kick off with a weekend of training on July 18th and 19th, followed by two to three training sessions a year, and we'll cover your food, transport and accommodation costs. 

Tax Dodging Bill training

Training sessions are a great time to get to know each other, learn about ActionAid's campaigns and plan next steps. But the support doesn't stop there - I'm always on hand to answer emails or talk on the phone and support our organisers whatever they're doing.

So there you are. We hope we've convinced you!



Photo credit: Steve Forrest & Jonathan Waring