Seven reasons to fundraise for ActionAid this Christmas | ActionAid UK

Katie Cox

Community Fundraising Manager

This Christmas, you can change lives by holding a fundraiser for ActionAid! Whether it's a sweepstake in the office, gift-wrapping at home, or a cake sale at school, you'll be sure to spread the Christmas cheer

Here are seven reasons to raise money and change lives, for good.

Five women and one man dressed as Santa taking part in the charity fundraiser Santa Run for ActionAid in London's Victoria Park
Five Santas celebrate at the finish line of the Santa Run, raising money for ActionAid in London's Victoria Park

1. If you take part in our sweepstake you’ll finally find out Mrs Claus’s first name! 

I know, we can’t wait either.

2. Or you could become a wrapping pro by gift-wrapping in exchange for donations.

3. Everyone loves a cake sale.

Whether you’re a pro or a novice, cake = GOOD!

4. Whatever you do, it’s sure to entertain the kids.

When you’re six, the countdown to Christmas can seem like a lifetime. Two hours down…83 to go…

5. It’s a great way to catch up with friends.

6. You’ll all be full of Christmas cheer!

7. And, most importantly, you’ll be helping to change lives, for good.

Salma from ActionAid's Happy Homes in Bangladesh, tells her story

Get everything you need for your festive fundraiser today. And don’t forget to check back on the 20th December for the big reveal of Mrs Claus’s first name…