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We wish it could be Christmas every day...

Liz Grant

Fundraising team

And now it can! We're asking you to get your friends and family together for an early Christmas Feast - call it a Faux-Ho-Ho perhaps - to raise money for ActionAid this Christmas.

To help warm up your Christmas spirit, here's twelve things we love about Christmas which we think will help make your Faux-Ho-Ho a Christmas cracker.

ActionAiders having their very own Faux-Ho-Ho Christmas feast

1. It all starts with food

Turkey, pigs-in-blankets, sprouts (meh) and mince pies. And cheese, lots of cheese, oooh and Christmas pud, and chocolate, and…

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2. A good Christmas needs a good tree

3. Set the atmosphere with some Christmas music

4. And your best Christmas outfit

5. There will probably be a little bit of drinking

6. And that will, inevitably, lead to some dancing

7. Who could forget Santa!

8. We’re dreaming of a white Christmas

Well it would be nice, wouldn’t it? It always snowed at Christmas when we were young. Always.

9. Christmas day, faux or not, needs a few games.

Sadly there’s always one sore loser.

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10. Oh boy — presents! We really love some presents

(Our favourite part is getting them for everyone else).

Love Actually (5/10) Movie CLIP - Would You Like It Gift Wrapped? (2003) HD

12. But, the best bit has always, and will always be… the people

Getting the whole gang together — family, friends, everyone. It wouldn’t be Christmas whithout sharing a little cheer. 

Your donations can help us fund projects like our Happy Homes in Bangladesh, ensuring that children like Salma don’t have to live on the streets, and can find a safe place to call home this Christmas.

Salma from ActionAid's Happy Homes in Bangladesh, tells her story


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