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Children's author, guitarist, Lego enthusiast, ActionAid ambassador, runner - is there anything Giles Paley-Phillips can't do? Giles recently took on the Virgin London Marathon for ActionAid - and now he's back for more, signing up for our Royal Parks Half Marathon team. He talks to us about his love of running and why you should get involved in Royal Parks challenge this October!

Children's author Giles Paley-Phillips gets a massive cheer from the crowd as he runs the London Marathon for ActionAid.
Children's author Giles Paley-Phillips gets a massive cheer from the crowd as he runs the London Marathon for ActionAid.

What made you get into running?

I always used to run at school, it was about the only thing I was any good at. I ran a couple of county championship meetings, always short distances though, 200m and 400m metres.

What do you enjoy most about it?

It is a great chance to free up your mind. Often if I having trouble writing something, I love to get out for a run to clear my mind, listen to music and just re-focus.

You ran the London Marathon for us, now you’re running the Royal Parks Half! Did your family think you were crazy signing up for two big events one after the other?

Haha, yeah they did a bit. I'd never ran over 13 miles before the marathon so it was new territory for me, but I enjoyed the experience so much, and it means so much more to be able to run for ActionAid UK, so I think they did kind of understand.

Give us your top training tips!

Make sure you get proper running shoes, only run distances you feel totally comfortable with, don't overdo it and make sure you drink lots of water.

What’s your favourite post-training meal?

I'm a sucker for rare fillet steak, which is a real treat after a long distance run, although a curry is always nice too.

Why did you choose to run for ActionAid?

I'm really honoured to have been asked to get involved with ActionAid, the work they are doing around the world is astounding. I am constantly surprised at the extent of the work they are doing for so many people in poverty, I feel very privileged to support them in this way.

The funds raised from the Royal Parks Half Marathon will help support our work across the world, like our girls' clubs in Kenya.

What would your advice be to someone who’s thinking about joining ActionAid’s Royal Parks Half team?

Sign up as soon as possible, Action Aid have an amazing team to support you all through the event and you really won't regret being able to run for them.

Thanks so much Giles! Inspired by Giles' top tips? Join him on our Royal Parks Half marathon team today.

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