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When Duncan Trotter started sponsoring Eliakim, a young boy in Kenya, he had no idea what a difference it would make to Eliakim's life - and to Duncan's own. Read about this extraordinary friendship, that survived across decades and continents, and has enriched the lives of two incredible people. 

Duncan meets Eliakim at his home in Kenya.
Duncan meets Eliakim at his home in Kenya.

The start of an amazing journey

Duncan started sponsoring Eliakim when he was 21, back in 1975.

Duncan loved getting messages from Eliakim

Duncan received regular updates from Eliakim, which showed how he was improving and progressing at school. 

Visiting Eliakim in Kenya

Duncan had the opportunity to visit Eliakim and his family in Kenya. He could see for himself the difference his sponsorship was making.

Getting in touch years later

After falling out of touch, Duncan was delighted to see a message from Eliakim on Facebook 20 years later - and even more delighted to see that he had been to university, became a teacher and was recently made principal of a secondary school in Kenya. By exchanging messages, Duncan has learnt what the sponsorship meant to Eliakim, and to see it through his eyes.  

A new phase of friendship

Duncan now hopes that their families can meet, and strengthen this incredible friendship even further.

There are many inspiring stories of friendship amongst our child sponsor community - and this is one of our favourites. If you too would like to transform a child's life, and your own, start sponsoring a child today and see the difference you can make. 

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