Sponsoring a child is life-changing. Life-changing for the child, but life-changing for the sponsor too! We asked ActionAid child sponsors across the UK why they love sponsoring a child, and why they think you will too.

Nine-year-old sponsored child Floridalma loves going to school in Guatemala.
Nine-year-old sponsored child Floridalma loves going to school in Guatemala.

Making a lasting difference

Lots of sponsors told us that they sponsor a child because they wanted their monthly donation to transform a child's life, and their community. 

Actor James Purefoy explains why he sponsors a child

James Purefoy has been a child sponsor with ActionAid for many years. He sent us this lovely video explaining why he thinks it's such a great thing to do. 

Building a special relationship through letters and updates

Sponsors said that they loved getting letters from their sponsored child, to see how they are getting on at school and at home. 

Why I'm proud to sponsor a child with ActionAid

Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes' child sponsorship story

Many people have different reasons for wanting to sponsor a child - but Sir Ranulph Fiennes' reason is one of the most original we've heard yet!

Connecting children across the world

Schools also shared with us why sponsoring a child makes a big difference to children in the UK, who love writing to their new friends in different countries and learning about their lives.

Our school sponsors Richard from Tanzania. He is the same age as many pupils, likes football, loves maths, and wants to be a doctor. He lost his parents to AIDS, and feels responsible for his two younger siblings. The children have written to Richard, and have been delighted to receive letters back. This individual and personal tie has made the difference to so many of our children. 

Denise Harris, Cranford Church of England Primary School.

Right now, 2930 children are waiting to be sponsored. For just 65p a day, you too can change a child’s life for good when you become a sponsor with ActionAid. Find out more about sponsoring a child today.

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