As Christmas and the season of goodwill approaches (and because we wanted to shine a light on our wonderful child sponsors), we've released some exciting new figures showing the most generous cities in the UK, based on the number of ActionAid-sponsored children across Africa, Asia and South America. Read on to find out the results.

10-year-old smiling boy wearing white facepaint standing in school doorway in a village in the Dry Zone in Myanmar
Khin Than, 10, at school in a village in the Dry Zone in Myanmar, where child sponsorship has helped to pay for fresh piped water for the whole community

Spoiler alert: Cambridge was ranked the most generous out of our survey, in terms of number of people who sponsor a child with ActionAid (weighted for population size). People from Cambridge and the local area sponsor over 400 children - that's enough children to fill sixteen classrooms*. If you live in Cambridge, congratulations!  

And closely followed in the generosity stakes are Reading, Norwich, Bristol, York, Brighton, Nottingham, Exeter and St Albans. If you live in one of these cities and you sponsor a child with ActionAid, you should be feeling pretty proud.

Handy map: top 10 most generous cities

Feel free to share it far and wide!

Map of UK showing top 10 most generous cities

Now we're asking residents of these generous cities (and every other city in the UK) to spread the love and help us support even more children. 

Why? Because millions of the most vulnerable children in the world are living in extreme poverty, marginalised in society, and surviving on next to nothing.

Be generous and sponsor a child

Sponsorship provides basics like food, shelter, clean water and education for children in the poorest parts of the world. In the long term, it helps not just the child, but their family and their whole community too.

If you sponsor a child this Christmas you'll be helping to provide the foundations they need to change their lives for good and keep them safe from harm. 

So, want to put YOUR city on the map? Easiest way to do that is to sponsor a child - either for yourself, or maybe as a Christmas gift for someone you know - and ask everyone in your town and city to sponsor one too! That way, you're sure to make the top 10 next time. 

Sponsor a child this Christmas


*The UK’s average primary class size is 25. This number comes from OECD figures from 2016.