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At ActionAid, we’re blown away every day by the generosity of our supporters. And at this time of great change and upheaval, when the world can seem polarised, individual acts of kindness and generosity are especially welcome.

Two girls playing outside their home with toys donated by an ActionAid supporter in Shingiro District, Rwanda
Girls play outside their home with toys donated by an ActionAid supporter in Shingiro District, Rwanda

Over the past few months, we’ve been hugely inspired and encouraged by the way that people have mobilised to support women, girls, refugees and marginalised groups – through online activisim, joining protests, going on marches, using their voice, and speaking out when they see injustice.

People are not only giving their time, but their money too.

Many of you have been moved by the plight of refugee children and want to help in a tangible way.

Young supporters are going out into their communities and setting up their own fundraising initaitives, like 13-year-old Charlotte and Jay, who raised almost £100 through baking and selling their own cakes. They told us:

We chose ActionAid because we want to help children and people that don’t have access to the same basic facilities as us (like a safe place to sleep or even enough food to survive)."

"The bake sale was fun (from the baking all the cake to speaking to passers by); it was amazing to see the generosity of people; it really fulfills your day.

Charlotte and Jay, 13, held a bake sale to raise money for ActionAid

They went on: "ActionAid is trying to address so many problems – it is a great charity. We are glad to know they are people who care about all these issues and with this bake sale we’ve tried to support them as best as we can.”

Even entire schools are getting involved with fundraising days for ActionAid.


Philanthropists Samantha Rowe-Beddoe and Gregory Nasmyth felt inspired by recent world events to donate significantly to support our work with women and girls. They told us:

"In this torrid time of uncertainty, of ‘Us vs Them’, and of fingers being pointed by the powerful at the weak, it is easy to feel powerless and unsure of how we can stand up for people who can’t easily do it for themselves. Our way of doing this was to invest in ActionAid as an agent of change."

We want to stand shoulder with shoulder with ActionAid - helping to change lives and to give a voice to the world’s poorest women and girls when they need it most. We are immensely proud to use our philanthropy to fund such vital work."

It’s people like this who help us continue with our mission to support and empower the world’s most vulnerable women and girls. 

Small donation, big difference

Every day, ActionAid’s local staff on the ground work directly with partners and communities, listening to the challenges they face, and working with them to find the best long-term solutions.

If you want to show your support for women and girls, for the marginalised and dispossessed, even a small regular donation to ActionAid can make a big difference.

Your money can help buy practical things that will help women and girls in their own communities claim their rights, get an education and plan for the future.

Start helping women and girls with a regular gift today 

Or, if you're in a position to make a larger donation, and would like to explore this with me or my team at ActionAid, just get in touch with us here and we'd be delighted to hear from you.

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