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For our Christmas appeal this year we are asking for your support to transform lives by sponsoring a child. In conflict-hit countries, millions of girls are living in fear. Child sponsorship helps us provide psychosocial services, family centres, school supplies and more, to help traumatised children rebuild their futures. Actress Miriam Margolyes has supported ActionAid for over 30 years. She visited our work in the occupied Palestinian territory and has seen first-hand the impact child sponsorship makes. She tells us what it means to be a child sponsor with ActionAid.

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Children living in fear this Christmas

Two billion people live in countries affected by fragility, conflict, and violence. When a country is hit by conflict, those living in extreme poverty often suffer most.

In the occupied Palestinian territory, the ongoing conflict means basic services are scarce, including water, sanitation, and electricity.

Bombing, darkness and violence creates constant risk and fear. Exposed to shelling, fighting and dead bodies at such a young age, many children suffer from severe PTSD symptoms.

Getting to school is hard, often through debris, in the dark, and to sounds of gunfire. And girls are particularly vulnerable to sexual violence and exploitation.

How ActionAid child sponsorship helps

Through child sponsorship, ActionAid’s local staff and partners provide direct support to girls.

• We are providing rechargeable lights and street lighting so girls can do their homework during power cuts, and feel safe walking home in the dark.

• We are supporting psychosocial services and family centres to help children overcome trauma and PTSD symptoms.

• We give children backpacks, pens and pencils, so they can go to school.

This Christmas, will you help bring hope for the future to girls at risk in the world’s toughest places?

Become a child sponsor today.

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