Get your dose of football fever with our World Cup inspired fundraising ideas | ActionAid UK

The World Cup 2018 kicks off on June 14th and football fever has now reached boiling point. All around the world, fans are gearing up for World Cup screenings, sweepstakes and generally having a football focused good time.

This is a great fundraising opportunity! To show how you can get into the fundraising football spirit we've put together some World Cup-themed fundraising ideas to spark your imagination and help you hit and exceed your target.

Girls at Makhnda U17 football club enjoy the game in South Africa
Girls at Makhnda U17 football club enjoy the game in South Africa

World Cup sweepstake

We have put together this World Cup sweepstake for you. Cut up each of the country cards and pop them in a hat, charge everyone £1 to play and watch the money come rolling in!

Wear your kit to work day

Pay £2 and wear your teams’ favourite shirt for the day.

World Cup screening

Organise a World Cup screening for England games and ask for an entry donation.

Friendly sports match

Hold a friendly sports match with a rival team (or company) and make the losing team pay up.

Question of sport

Become Sue Barker for the night and host a spectacular sports quiz.

Shoot out

If you are keen to get home early and watch the big game, then why not ask your boss if you can leave early. You could pay £5 for the privilege with all funds going to ActionAid.

Mbou Jutenda. Makhnda U17 girls football club

Fancy dress football

Organise a game with friends or your local team and donate to play while dressed up as your footballing heroes.

World Cup theme days

Why not get all your friends, family and colleagues to wear fancy dress for a weekend or a day in the theme of one of the countries taking part in the tournament?

Keepy uppy

Why not bend it like the man himself and hold your very own keepy uppy competition?

Wii sports competition

Organise a Wii sports tournament and ask for an entry fee for people to take part.

Hold your own World Cup

For the more active amongst you; why not hold your own mini World Cup, with each team representing a different nation.