Jane Moyo

Head of Media Relations

This is for everyone”, Sir Tim Berners-Lee tweeted as London 2012 organisers honoured the inventor of the web in the Olympic Games opening ceremony, reaching an estimated global broadcast audience of one billion.

Now, Sir Tim’s World Wide Web Foundation has published what is set to be an annual global index evaluating the state of the web in 61 countries.

The index highlights censorship and other barriers to web freedom including high broadband prices as well as assessing how accessible and widely used the web is.

Unsurprisingly, Sweden, the US and UK come top. Yemen comes bottom with Zimbabwe second from last.

Yet according to the index, still only one in three people are using the web globally and fewer than one in six in Africa, whilst in some countries the cost of broadband is up to half of per capita monthly income.

As Sir Tim points out, costs need to come down dramatically: "The high price of connectivity is stopping billions of people from achieving their rights to knowledge and participation.”  

I feel  sure that sentiment would be echoed by Samson, who’s school in Tanzania benefited from desks and computer equipment donated by ActionAid.