Super Cyclone Haiyan: the world’s most powerful storm | ActionAid UK

Jane Moyo

Head of Media Relations

Meteorologists are speculating that Super Cyclone Haiyan - currently battering the Philippines – could be one of the world’s most powerful storms to ever make landfall.

Satellite view of Super Typhoon Haiyan gathering speed as the cyclone approaches the Philippines on Thursday 7th November

With sustained winds of nearly 200 miles-per-hour, Haiyan has left a trail of devastation and is expected to hit Vietnam next.

Whilst ActionAid does not work in the Philippines, several of our sister agencies, all members of the Disasters Emergency Committee do, and we send them our best wishes as their operational work swings into action. 

ActionAid Vietnam on standby

ActionAid’s main concern lies in Vietnam, where more than 1,200 children are sponsored by supporters in the UK.

We’ve been told Haiyan is expected to hit the Vietnam coast at noon on Sunday. The hope is that the cyclone will have been downgraded to a Category 3 storm by then, although after making landfall it is expected to move up through the middle of the country, dissipating to a Category 1.

For supporters in the UK, Category 1 is still stronger than the recent St Jude storm that caused such disruption as it swept through southern England.

So whatever happens, Vietnam will suffer.

That’s why ActionAid has already put a local assessment team on standby.

Should we have to act, ActionAid in Vietnam will call on money from our Emergency Action Fund. It means we can respond quickly and help transform lives torn apart by disaster.

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