Nirbhaya play comes to London's South Bank | ActionAid UK

After a run in Edinburgh, the play Nirbhaya opens on Wednesday 5th March 2014 and runs until Wednesday 12th March as part of the Women of the World festival at London’s Southbank Centre.

London memorial to remember Jyoti Singh
London memorial to remember Jyoti Singh

Come and see Nirbhaya in the Southbank’s Purcell room. It promises to be an incredible performance.

At the same time, add to ActionAid’s ’Wall of Hands’ installation that will be on display in the auditorium. And after each performance attend a discussion facilitated by a panel of speakers made up of cast members, the director and experts.

Nirbhaya: fearless one

I first heard the story of Jyoti Singh, 23, in December 2012. She boarded a bus in Delhi and was gang-raped and tortured. The attack was so vicious that she didn’t survive the month. I was horrified and furious. I was not the only one. Far from it.

As she lay dying in hospital, the Indian media, preserving her anonymity, named her Nirbhaya – or fearless one.  Jyoti’s  story struck a chord with people everywhere and was told and retold across every media, in several languages and many countries.

Moved by this outpouring of grief and rage, award-winning playwright Yael Farber created a searing new work with an extraordinary cast and creative team from India. Nirbhaya the play shatters the silence surrounding the stories of women whose lives – like Jyoti’s – have been destroyed by gender-based violence.

It is a shocking statistic that one in three women will experience violence of some description in their lifetime. Why? Simply for being a woman.

That is why ActionAid focuses on ending violence against women all around the world, because we know violence traps women, their families and whole communities in poverty.

And it is also why we organised the London memorial to Jyoti last December where Japjit Kaur, who plays Nirbhaya in the play, sang a song.

Violence against women: breaking the silence

ActionAid will be creating an installation in the foyer of the Purcell room.

We want you to ‘Raise your hand’ by writing your name, city you are from and a message on a postcard provided, to help break the silence on violence against women. Your message will be added to the installation and will then travel across the world with the play, as part of a global voice speaking out to end sexual violence.

If you can’t make the play, then support us by following us on Facebook and Twitter and follow the hashtag #BreakTheSilence