Helping seaweed farmers in the Philippines rebuild their lives | ActionAid UK

Jane Moyo

Head of Media Relations

It is exactly six months since Super Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines on 8 November 2013. ActionAid was supplying relief within a fortnight of the disaster. Now we are helping affected communities rebuild their livelihoods over the long-term. One of these communities is the women seaweed harvesters of Maniguin Island.

Worldwide, ActionAid is commited to helping women and girls like those living on Maniguin Island break the cycle of poverty: to fulfil their potential, to earn a decent living and to live lives without fear. The UK government agrees with us and via our She Can… campaign will double all donations to ActionAid until 25 June.

Double your donation

Donate to our She CAN campaign by 25 June and the UK Government will double your donation so we can make twice the difference.