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It’s almost upon us. The world cup kicks off in a matter of days and at ActionAid we’re caught up in sweepstake fever. 

Mbou Jutenda. Makhnda U17 girls football club

I know next to nothing about football, which is almost sacrilege when you’re northern, but there you have it. Following a team every week for months, years, decades, seems a little too much like hard work and somewhat time consuming.

I’ll be basking in the atmosphere

However, it’s hard not to get swept up in a wave of excitement when the national team are playing, and so I will watch, along with the rest of the country holding my breath, hoping for the win and hopefully basking in the incredible atmosphere that such events bring with them.

Whilst you’ll no doubt be vying for your team to win, there’s also the team you got in the sweepstake to consider. Admit it. What huge competition would be complete without an office/ university / friendship group sweepstake? Not one is the answer you’re looking for!

Download the ActionAid sweepstake

At ActionAid we’ve designed our own that we wanted to share for anyone who hasn’t been quite so organised. false

Whilst you’re downloading we’re also encouraging you to make a donation to ActionAid’s She CAN appeal which runs until 25 June. All donations made during that time will be matched by the UK government and will help some of the world’s most vulnerable girls in countries such as Kenya and Myanmar overcome poverty and violence. At least if your sweepstake team gets knocked out you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you contributed in some way to making a difference.