Presenter Gaby Roslin talks to ActionAid about what keeps her feeling happy and safe. Gaby is supporting ActionAid’s Christmas appeal to help protect homeless children around the world whose lives have been devastated by war, disasters and the terrible effects of climate change. 

Gaby Roslin supports our Christmas appeal.
Gaby Roslin describes her feelings about Christmas, and why she supports our Christmas appeal.

What is it about Christmas that makes you feel happiest?

For me Christmas is all about family. Spending time together and the huge smiles on my girls' faces.

What makes you feel safe?

I feel safest when I’m with my husband David and my beautiful girls and my dad too. We all spend Christmas together.

Was there anything you were scared of as a child and what was it?

I was a bit scared of Santa when I was very little. I didn’t like the idea of a strange man creeping down the chimney and around the house when we were all in bed.

What are you scared of now?

I’m not scared really of anything now. How lucky I am! I do know it!

What one event or news story from 2015 sticks in your mind?

The way the refugees have been treated by so many countries is absolutely appalling. We all should be doing more. I find the whole situation utterly heartbreaking.

Moustafa, Aabic translator of ActionAid Hellas, helps a child to get off the Portuguese coast guard boat at  the fishing harbour of Skala Sykamias, Lesvos, Greece: refugee crisis Lesvos

What do you hope 2016 brings?

I hope that the new year brings peace. I know it’s a cliche, but this year has been dominated by so much terror and fighting, we all must do what we can to make this world safer and to live in harmony together, without hate and judgement.

If you could give a message to children around the world facing serious hardship right now what would it be?

Please find someone you feel safe with. We should and can do more to help these children. The message has to get out there more. These children need our help and our love.

Twin sisters Narin and Darin 3 years old from Aleppo Syria: Refugee crisis Lesvos

Please join Gaby to help ActionAid support homeless children this Christmas and change their lives for good.

Help to keep a homeless child safe