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Tackle Blue Monday head on!

18 January 2016

Today is Blue Monday - the day "scientifically" calculated as the most depressing day of the year, when you're still suffering from the post-Christmas slump, and you realise you've already failed to keep up all those positive New Year's resolutions. But fear not! We all know that exercise is a great way of boosting those endorphins, helping your body and your mind to feel great. So if you need a little extra #MondayMotivation today, then we have just the challenge for you: Tough Mudder. 

The "Tuff Avengers" team take part in Tough Mudder for ActionAid.

This awesome 10-12 mile obstacle course puts camaraderie over finisher rankings and is as mental as it is physical. We’ve rounded up the top three reasons to join the Tough Mudder team with ActionAid this year and face your New Year resolutions square on. 

Tough Mudder reason 1: expect the unexpected

The course obstacles are new for 2016 and designed by the British Special Forces. From the ‘Block Ness Monster’ to the ‘Mud Mile’, Tough Mudder has it all. BRING IT ON.

Tough Mudder reason 2: friendly competition

This is a great event to get involved in with your mates, colleagues, partner or family, adding an element of fun and team-building to an already incredible challenge.  

Tough Mudder reason 3: the feeling of WINNING

Nothing quite beats the feeling of achieving your set goals in life — and once you’ve completed the Tough Mudder challenge, you’ll feel invincible.

Tough Mudder reason 4: changing the lives of the world’s poorest women and girls, for good

Maua Juma, 11.

Your sponsorship money will help transform the lives of women and girls living in poverty. Girls like 11-year-old Maua, who with support from ActionAid is going to school in Tanzania. She says: “My favourite subjects are English maths and Swahili and I really want to be a teacher when I grow up. I want to be able to teach others like I have been taught.” 

So, what are you waiting for? Join our Tough Mudder team today!

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