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"My name is Siba. I am 19 years old and I want to be a doctor. I fled from southern Syria after life became too dangerous for us. The turning point came when a bomb went off and my father was injured in the face and hands. 

Siba and her six-year-old sister Meral in ActionAid women's centre in Kara Tepe refugee camp.
Siba and her six-year-old sister Meral in ActionAid women's centre in Kara Tepe refugee camp.

After that, the whole family fled to Jordan. My parents are still there. But I came to Europe with my brother and sister, who is six years old.

Refugees arrive in tiny overcrowded dinghies.

All I long for is to have a peaceful life for me and my family. I hope to go to Germany. I also dream of being reunited with my parents. So, once the necessary paperwork is done, I want them to join us too. 

Missing life in Syria

Although things are very bad in Syria I still have warm feelings for my home country. There is no place like it. But right now it is too dangerous for us.

Although things have been tough it has been good to be able to come to this women friendly centre. I met Anna, ActionAid’s cultural mediator.  

Siba and Anna talk and share stories about Syria, their home country.

Anna is also Syrian, so I feel very comfortable with her. When I heard Anna speaking Arabic, I let myself go. I could finally relax. It was as if I had found home again.

I also got a dignity kit at the centre, which will be very useful for our everyday needs. 

Siba 19, from Daraa, Syria at ActionAid women's space, Kara Tepe

I know I have a long road ahead but I am determined to find safety and to chase my dream of becoming a doctor."

We're supporting women and children like Siba and her sister on Lesvos. Having survived the perilous journey, they are now facing freezing temperatures in makeshift shelters. Please help. 

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