Teachers are amazing! And now it’s the end of year, it’s about time we let them know just how much we appreciate them. So why not acknowledge all their hard work with a gift for your teacher that really makes a difference. 

Children play at an ActionAid-supported school in Thailand
Children play at an ActionAid-supported school in Thailand

ActionAid’s Gifts in Action are the perfect way to send thanks to your teacher. They'll receive a customised greeting card and the knowledge that your donation will help children in poverty around the world - ensuring that even those who have lost their homes in a disaster can get the education they deserve.

Here are our top five favourites.

1. A school uniform: £11

Girls show their artwork at an ActionAid-supported school in Thailand

Families can lose everything in an emergency, including school uniforms. And teachers know that the right uniform can help a child concentrate and feel ready for the schoolday. 

So say thanks to that special teacher with this school uniform gift, which could help a child return to school after a crisis by providing them with the right clothes.

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2. A backpack: £7

8-year-old Nyawoh, from Sierra Leone, received a school backpack from ActionAid

When a child's life has been torn apart by an emergency, like confict or a disaster, going to school can provide some sense of normality.

Giving a child a new backpack for their supplies makes it easier for them to return to school after an emergency.

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3. School materials: £90

Six-year-old Maria, a refugee, draws at the ActionAid learning centre in Zarqa, Jordan

Teachers know that there's unlimited potential when a child has a pencil. 

And a disaster or emergency shouldn't mean a child missed out on an education.

Purchasing this school materials gift could help provide a class of 30 children with basic school materials like notebooks, pens and pencils, ensuring that every pupil has equal access to an education - even in times of crisis.

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4. A goat: £32

Dennis and his family, from Sierra Leone, received goats from ActionAid.

It might not be your typical school essential! 

But goats produce quality organic manure, increasing crop yields for farming families to help bring food security to some of the world's poorest countries

Their milk also ensures that the youngest members of the family get the nutrition they need to help them grow, helping them make the best start possible in life. Your goat gift really can change lives!

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5. Water: £17

13-year-old Gita gets water from a well at an ActionAid-funded school in Sierra Leone

Water - it sounds like the simplest of gifts. But following an emergency when safe, clean water is scarce, it could be life-saving.

This water gift could provide a three-month supply of water to a family following a crisis, which they can use for drinking, cooking and basic hygiene.

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Still searching for the right gift?

Our full Gifts in Action collection contains something for everyone, so you're sure to find the right gift for that well-deserving teacher. 

And each and every gift in the collection will help fund ActionAid's work supporting women and girls living in poverty around the world

We believe that education - especially of women and girls - transforms lives and entire communities. It reduces rates of child marriage, promotes healthier and smaller families, improves wages and jobs for women, and empowers women to become leaders at community and government levels.

So simply choose your gift, edit your card and we can deliver it to you or your recipient. Then all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a well-deserved summer of fun!

Happy end-of-term!

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