Explore our collection of top lockdown gifts - perfect for quarantine birthdays, socially-distanced anniversaries and more. Whatever their style during lockdown, there's a perfect gift to suit them. 

There's nothing like sending some old-fashioned post to stay connected during lockdown
There's nothing like sending some old-fashioned post to stay connected during lockdown

In these trying times, we're all finding new ways to stay connected from a distance. From zoom pub quizzes to Facetime dinner parties, technology is helping us stay close to loved ones, even when we're far apart.

But many of us are also rediscovering a love for the more traditional methods for keeping in touch (Colonel Tom Moore received around 150,000 birthday cards!) Sometimes, there's nothing quite like an old-fashioned delivery in the post.

So if you've got a friend with a quarantine birthday, a lockdown anniversary or even an isolation graduation coming up... why not show you care the old-fashioned way, and send an ActionAid gift in the post? 

1. For all homeschool heroes: our education gifts


Lockdown learning has taught many of us a very important lesson... homeschooling kids is no easy feat!

So for those among us who are learning to master (well, nearly) their homeschooling skills, our education gifts are the perfect choice. 

From our school backpack gift (£7) to our school materials bundle (£30), these are the perfect choice for anyone who knows just how vital education is. 

Each gift helps children get the education they deserve, even in the case of a disaster or emergency.

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2. For banana bread buffs: our food gift


The coronavirus lockdown has seen many of us discover and hone new culinary skills - baking banana bread might just be the nation's new favourite pastime (where has all the flour gone?)!

So for the new kitchen wizard in your life, choose our food gift (£43).

This gift can provide a month's worth of food for a family who has lost everything in an emergency.

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3. For lockdown gardeners: our seed kit gift


Many of our green-fingered friends have been keeping busy by pruning, potting and planting their outdoor spaces.

It's a great way to keep active during lockdown, but in the world's poorest countries, seeds can also be a lifeline for those whose land has been destroyed by environmental disasters.

Choose our seed kit gift (£48) to help provide the seeds farmers need to restock their land and continue to provide for their families.

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4. For quarantine busy bees: our beekeeping gifts


Learning a new language, mastering TikTok dances, writing the new King Lear... we all know someone who is managing superhuman levels of productivity during locked-down days.

Celebrate that busy bee in your life with our beekeeping gifts, from £35, which can help provide equipment and training for farmers in Kenya.

Your gift could help a family achieve financial security, while supporting the nesting of honeybees!

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5. For at-home hibernators: our blanket gift


We're all coping with lockdown differently: it's great to keep busy, but there's nothing wrong with taking a well-earned extended rest under the duvet!

So for the one in your life who has made Netflix and bedrest their daily schedule: choose our blanket gift (£14).

This gift could provide four blankets for a family in need following an environmental disaster.

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Why Gifts in Action?

Gifts in Action come with free delivery direct to your loved ones, which means no long queues at the post office.

You can also choose and personalise your greeting card, so there's no need to leave the comfort of your home!

When you buy a gift, you can help stay connected with a loved one in lockdown, while supporting our work changing the world with women and girls.

From all of us at ActionAid: thank you, and stay safe!

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