For many of us, Father’s Day 2020 will be a little different. But that doesn’t mean we can’t send a meaningful gift that shows how much we care.

Say thanks on Father's Day with our collection of Gifts in Action, for every sort of dad
Say thanks on Father's Day with our collection of Gifts in Action, for every sort of dad

Father's Day 2020 is on 21st June - don't miss it! Whether you're near or far this year, the day may look a little different to all of us. But however you're celebrating, you can always find a thoughtful and meaningful gift with our collection of Gifts in Action.

That's because our charity gifts collection features something for every kind of dad (and they're all helpfully posted by us, along with your choice of card and a personalised message.) 

Shop the whole collection, or match your dad's interests with some of our top gifts below!

1. For outdoorsy dads: our shelter gift (£14)

Sea fishing communities who have received support from ActionAid in Kampot, Cambodia

Whether he's a fisher, a hiker or a camping enthusiast, your outdoorsy dad will appreciate the difference our shelter kit gift makes. 

For just £14, this thoughtful gift could help provide shelter for a family affected by a disaster or emergency. 

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2. For green-fingered grandads: our seed kit gift

Local women plant cacoa trees in their nursery in an ActionAid-supported community in Guatemala

Green-fingered dads and grandads may have been enjoying their gardens during their lockdowns, so they'll love our seed kit gift (£48).

This gift can provide all-important seeds for farming families affected by emergencies, so they can restock their land and continue to provide for their families.

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3. For eco-conscious dads: our beekeeping gifts

Bees kept by the ActionAid-supported Adidewta Beekeeping Cooperative in Korem, Ethiopia

Is your dad an eco-warrior, in a neverending battle against switched-on lights, improperly recycled jars and running taps?

He'll love our beekeeping gifts (from £35), which provide a sustainable and environmentally-friendly source of income for women in Kenya.

Choose from a beehive, beekeeping kit and beekeeper training, which can make a huge difference to the lives of women in drought-affected communities.

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4. For zoom quiz aficionados: our education gifts

Children in Rwanda whose school and school equipment was provided thanks to ActionAid supporters

For the super-smart dads among us, who are unbeatable in virtual pub quizzes, look no further than our education gifts

From just £7, these gifts can provide essential school materials so that children around the world can get the education they deserve. 

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5. For first-time dads: our baby kit gift

ActionAid supporter Alesha Dixon meets Felicia and her baby girl at an ActionAid project in Ghana

New parents and grandparents will appreciate just how difficult it is to take care of a new arrival.

So celebrate their bundle of joy with another bundle of joy: our baby kit gift (£41) can provide clothing, nappies and food for a family affected by an emergency, so they can keep their newborn warm, comfortable and fed.  

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Why Gifts in Action?

Gifts in Action come with free delivery direct to your dad, and you can choose and personalise your greeting card. We'll do the rest!

When you buy a gift, you can support our work changing the lives of women and girls living in poverty around the world, by protecting lives in an emergency, supporting women's economic empowerment, or helping children to go to school. 

While you're at it, you'll be saying a big 'thanks' to your dad (after all, he deserves it!) So what's not to love?

Shop the whole collection here. Happy Father's Day!

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