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The importance of keeping a promise

Marni Craze

Schools team

Last week Defence Secretary Liam Fox hit the headlines for apparently questioning the UK’s commitment to increase the international aid budget to 0.7% of national income by 2013.

In a letter to David Cameron, leaked to The Times, the Defence Secretary says he won’t support a proposal to make the 0.7% commitment a legal requirement. 

Here at ActionAid we’re proud of the 0.7% promise – it sends a clear signal to the world about the UK's leadership on tackling global poverty.

We need to make sure the government sticks to this promise and enshrines it in law. That’s why we're asking you to join us in emailing David Cameron.

Email David Cameron to ask him to keep his promises on international aid.

Aid has worked and continues to work.

For example, the Rwandan government established the Rwandan Revenue Authority in 1998.

The UK government spent £20m on training new staff and supporting the system. Since then Rwanda has increased its tax revenue fourfold, rising from £60million to £240million.

This is particularly important for the government’s commitment to improve the lives of the poor, especially the lives of rural farmers.

“Taxation is a major building block for our development. We now manage to collect in a month what DFID gave us in aid over 12 years”, Mary Baine, Commissioner General, Rwanda Revenue Service

Exploring the issues further…

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