New teaching resource: Meet seven-year-old Makhetha | ActionAid UK

Lucy McDonnell

Education Project Officer

It's World Food Day! And to mark the occasion we're introducing you to Makhetha, who lives with her grandmother and four of her cousins in Lesotho.

Molupo Makhetha, aged 7, with her grandmother Malisemolo Mosola

Makhetha says:

“We are five children all living with our grandmother. We love her very much but we worry about her as she works so hard. When she returns from the fields, she is very tired.

I feel hungry on Saturday and Sunday as my grandmother cannot afford to give us lunch.”

The difficulties Makhetha’s family faces are typical of many families in Lesotho, who struggle to grow enough food in an ever-changing climate.

Our ‘Water Race’ activity will help your pupils to understand the difficulties of growing food, and the impact that drought and flooding have on communities’ access to water.

Plus they’ll have a lot of fun racing round the playground trying not to spill a drop of water!

This activity is ideal for KS1/ KS2 Geography, KS2 Citizenship/PSHE, KS1/ KS2 Maths.

Download your Water Race activity from our Lesotho resource hub