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How do you tackle those hard to teach subjects? Do you shy away from debate, or do you dive straight in? Whatever your approach, and whatever your style of teaching, we can support you. Our latest resources will enable you to explore some sensitive issues surrounding the abduction of over 300 school girls from the Chibok region of north east Nigeria.

Rhoda, from the Chibok community, Nigeria, sister of one of the abducted schoolgirls
Rhoda, from the Chibok community, Nigeria

We have something in common

We both recognise the importance of knowing your audience and helping them to develop their own ideas. Teaching isn’t about telling your pupils what to think, right? Much like you, we don’t believe in imposing solutions on the people we work with.

Our human rights based approach means that we listen to and work with people living in poverty, helping them to overcome poverty, and come up with their own answers.

#BringBackOurGirls: education and abduction in Nigeria

Today marks six months since the abduction of over 300 school girls from their boarding school in north east Nigeria. To mark this date and to remind pupils about the #BringBackOurGirls campaign, we have produced a series of resources exploring girl’s education in Nigeria and the effects that the abductions have had on the Chibok community.

We’ll help you tell the inside story

When it comes to knowing your subject and understanding your pupils, you’re the expert; we can provide you with the real life stories to bring learning and global issues to life.

Our resources help facilitate balanced and reasoned arguments by presenting pupils with films, facts and the stories of children and young people. Through the eyes of these young people, your pupils will start to understand about some of the complex issues and barriers to education in Nigeria.

Download our KS1-KS4 resources

Our resources are all available to download for free.

  • Our KS3/4 resources use short film clips, stories and media coverage to explore the Chibok abductions and the media’s response. 
  • For KS1/2 pupils we’ve produced a number of interactive activities focusing on a day in the life of two Nigerian girls; Precious who goes to school, and Sefiyat who misses out.