Shocking Philippines cyclone statistics and the solidarity they are creating | ActionAid UK

Mike Noyes

Head of Humanitarian Response

The numbers in are quite shocking, half a million houses wrecked, almost four thousand killed and 12,000 injured and 13 million people affected.

But there are other numbers too, the huge amounts of money being donated to the response for one and the outpouring of aid from Filipinos themselves.

A man stands atop debris as residents salvage belongings from the ruins of their houses after Typhoon Haiyan battered Tacloban city in Philippines.

Thanks to Twitter ( I'm not only able to share some of my impressions of the situation here, but I'm also keeping up with the massive wave of solidarity back home, through the DEC appeal of which ActionAid is a part.

Knowing we have the backing and commitment of our supporters and the wider public is a great encouragement to the work of our team here, as we link up with local organisations already giving aid to help them do more.
One thing that has impressed me since my arrival in the Philippines has been the strength of solidarity and the generosity of ordinary Filipinos to those affected.

Restaurants are donating takings, stores big and small have collecting boxes and even the supermarket I stopped to get toothpaste in was selling emergency relief kits. For about £1.50 you could buy a pack of rice, noodles and water, enough for a meal for a family. These packs are then being transported south to the disaster affected zone for distribution.
It's not just money, people are volunteering too. Volunteer groups in schools and churches are packing relief goods into family packs. Others are cooking hot meals for those being evacuated by the military aircraft returning from flying down supplies.
These two chains of solidarity, the local and the international, are coming together in what we're doing here, as we support local groups that have pulled together donated resources to deliver one or two truckloads of goods and help them deliver a stronger response, reaching more people and for a longer time.
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