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Danielle Ross

Community Fundraising Officer

Today is World Food Day. Did you know that it is estimated that 1 in 8 people are still going hungry across the world. That’s 852 million people!  Almost all of them are living in developing countries, where climate and farming conditions are increasingly erratic, thanks to climate change. That is why our work to end hunger is more important than ever.

Drought has been a major obstacle for tackling hunger and poverty in developing countries. We've been able to help women like Leya in Uganda by empowering them to grow their own food.

Hunger hits rural Africa

One of the countries suffering from extreme hunger due to harsh environmental conditions is Lesotho, a small landlocked country, surrounded by South Africa. Lesotho has very little rainfall during its dry, cold winters and humid, dry summers, which makes it very difficult to grow enough food. Severe droughts combined with erratic rainfall have devastated Lesotho’s agriculture. Crops have failed for three years in a row now, leaving many families without food, or hope. 

How have we helped combat hunger in Lesotho?

Women farmer group leader, MakatlehoWe have set up a project in Lesotho to address local people's nutritional needs, which has supported 90 vulnerable women and their families so far.

These women have received vital education and training in agriculture techniques, such as home gardening, which is helping them to grow food that can withstand and adapt to Lesotho’s extreme climate.

Empowering women to provide food for themselves and their families increases their social standing as well as being a source of great personal joy.

Women farmer group leader, MakatlehoWho are we helping?

This is Makatleho Motau, who is one of the women worst affected by the drought. She is a widow with two children. She is now also a leader of a women's farmer group in her village. Thanks to this project, funded by supporters like you, she can now say:

We had plenty of vegetables this summer – we even sold some vegetables and dried some surplus, which has not been happening for the past years because of the drought.’

How can YOU help end hunger in Lesotho?

Donate to the Lesotho Livelihoods Priority Project and you will be helping families in Lesotho grow enough food to feed their families for life, so they never have to experience extreme hunger again.  

You will receive regular news and stories about the progress of the project and how you have helped families and women just like Makatleho.