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What will be the impact of the election on women and girls' rights around the world?

The Conservatives have some good policies in their manifesto, but these would be seriously undermined by merging DFID with another government department.

Our charity Christmas gifts will make last-minute shopping a breeze this season

Last-minute Christmas shopping can be like, well, the nightmare before Christmas. But it doesn’t have to be this way! We’ve found solutions to your shopping gremlins this festive season - find out the top five. 

Our general election scorecard shows how the parties rank for the rights of women around the world

As voters prepare to go to the polls in the general election tomorrow, we are setting out where each party stands on global women’s rights. 

Amina (eight) and Farah (ten) are living in an emergency camp in Somaliland due to climate change-related drought

Child sponsorship with ActionAid is one of the most rewarding ways to change a child’s life. It’s also a surprising way to help fight the effects of climate change. Find out how.

Adori uses a raft to cross flood waters in Bangladesh

5 ways climate change affects women and girls

Arsheen Qasim – Digital Communications

This Christmas, we are shining the spotlight on some of the dangers that women and girls face when disasters strike. Hear directly from the women and girls who are bearing the brunt of crises around the world.


Adori, 13, has to cross flood water to attend school in her village in Bangladesh.

Why are countries around the world experiencing more floods?

Dr Amiera Sawas – Senior Research and Climate Change Specialist

Climate change has increased the frequency and intensity of floods, and other natural weather-related events that we are witnessing around the world.

Find out how countries can experience both droughts and floods, and how they affect people's resilience and capacity to adapt to disasters.