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Campaign for women’s rights

All over the world, women and girls are held back by violence, lack of representation in politics, badly paid and unsafe work, and lack of access to education. These constant abuses of their rights keep women in poverty, and hold back their families and communities too.

We help women fight for their rights

Supporting women to claim their rights together is at the heart of ActionAid’s work to fight poverty and inequality. Together with activists in 25 countries, we’re changing the policies and attitudes that hold women back.

Right now, we’re campaigning to stand with women who are standing up against violence.

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Did you know?


In 2012, 43,6001 women were killed by their partners or close family

$9 trillion

Discrimination in the workplace costs women in poor countries an estimated $9 trillion2 every year

31 million

An estimated 31 million girls3 are out of school

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Photos: Poulomi Basu,Lorenzo Tugnoli, ActionAid