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You’ve heard about tax dodging companies like Starbucks1 and Amazon2 in the UK. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Every year, unfair international tax rules let companies dodge billions of pounds of tax in developing countries – tax that could pay for essential services like schools and hospitals.

We campaign to end tax dodging

Together with the countries most affected, we campaign to end tax dodging so that poorer countries can stop losing out on these vital funds. With fairer tax rules, the citizens of these countries could finally have the decent access to healthcare and education that is everyone’s right.

A fair tax system means everyone pays their fair share – big companies included. It’s time to make tax fair. Everywhere.

Take action to make tax fair

Whether it’s signing a petition or attending one of our events, you can help make tax fair, everywhere. Find out how to get involved in the campaign.

The impact of tax dodging


Poorer countries lose an estimated $200billion3 to tax dodging every year – more than the international aid sent by all rich countries put together


The company Associated British Foods dodged at least £17 million4 of taxes in Zambia


The tax dodged by Associated British Foods could send an extra 48,000 children5 to school every year

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Photos: Jason Larkin, ActionAid