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You can transform a child’s life for good when you become a sponsor with ActionAid. 

ActionAid believes that all children should have an equal chance to thrive. Your sponsorship will make a huge difference to a girl or boy in need – ensuring they have enough to eat, an education and hope for the future.

As their only sponsor, you’ll have a special relationship with your sponsored child. You’ll receive photos, handwritten messages and regular updates from their community. 

You can choose where you sponsor a child, as well as their age and gender — or you can leave it to our team to decide which communities are in greatest need. It only takes a few minutes to become a child sponsor, but you could change a child’s life forever.

Sponsor a child today and see for yourself the difference your support can make. 

Where your sponsorship money goes

80% of your sponsorship money goes overseas to help your child and their community. (20% is spent in the UK on public education and finding more sponsors). And in the country where your child lives, ActionAid works with their community to decide what the money should be spent on.

Sponsored girl washes her hands with water pump in Myanmar paid for with ActionAid child sponsorship


Sponsored girl washes her hands with water pump in Myanmar paid for with ActionAid child sponsorship

Clean water

A group of young girls smiling and hugging at their Happy Homes safe house in Dhaka, Bangladesh where they get education and free healthcare


Smiling 11-year-old girl, ActionAid sponsored child, wearing blue and white school uniform in Dhaka, Bangladesh


You can be sure we’ll achieve as much as possible with every pound you give us. And you’ll be able to see the difference you’re making through the regular updates we’ll send on how your money’s being spent.

“It’s amazing to see what a difference such a small amount of money a month can make to a whole community”.

Richard Jordan, ActionAid child sponsor

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Page updated 23 April 2018