Le Thi Mong Thu, aged 35, is a member of the Kinh Lon village's women's group

Help women and girls fight climate change

More than 26 million people flee their homes each year, on average, due to climate-change related disasters.  

But by agreeing to an additional gift today, you could make a difference. Together with women, girls and their communities, we are working to strengthen resilience to disasters and demand climate justice.  

Your extra gift today could help women like Le Thi Mong Thu and Nguyen Thi Huong, and provide vital support when homes and livelihoods are destroyed by climate-related disasters.*

Please increase your gift today.  

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*This project is just one example of ActionAid’s work. Your donation may not go towards this project. It will be used where it is needed most to further ActionAid’s general charitable purposes.

Yen Duong/ActionAid

Page updated 6 February 2023