Tough Mudder

Join us for this 20-obstacle mud run: Tough Mudder. You won't just face your fears - you'll knock them down!


Dates and locations


14th - 15th August 2021

Belvoir Castle

South West  

21st - 22nd August 2021

Location TBC

North London

27th - 28th August 2021

Finsbury Park

North West

4th - 5th September 2021


Morden Park

8th - 9th October 2021

Morden Park

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Terrible floods in Vietnam often affect poor rural communities. People lose their homes and even their lives when disaster strikes. 

Hue Tran Thi is a member of the ActionAid-run local rescue team.

We've trained Hue and her team so they know exactly what to do to protect their community when the rains come. They use maps to show which areas are most prone to flooding, as well as where the most vulnerable people live. 

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ActionAid rescue team member Hue Tran Thi holds a life ring by a river.

Harry Freeland/ActionAid



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