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If you’re looking for a unique primary school fundraiser, we’ve got something you’ll love.

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A future vet in her uniform on Big Me day at her school

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How it works

Pick any day this term. Ask your pupils to dress up as their dream job and bring in £1 for ActionAid. By taking part in ActionAid's primary school fundraiser, you'll be able to use our free resources, such as word searches, to help plan a Big Me lesson and support your class to realise their dreams.

You’ll be joining thousands of pupils across the UK who will be   discovering their aspirations and raising money to help change lives, for good. 

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How your sponsorship helps

Meet Jeannine who works as a director at a Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre in Muko, Rwanda. The centre helps to provide a safe space for children to learn and play all day, and have nutritious meal.

ActionAid has supported helped establish ECD centres in five districts across Rwanda. Jeannine has told us: “The centres are very helpful in reducing the burden of unpaid care work on mothers as they are able to leave their children at the centre.

"This gives them more time to for paid work which helps to empower them, their family and whole community."


Jeannine, Director of an ECD in Rwanda

Jean Bizimana/ActionAid

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Big Me is perfect for KS1 and KS2. If there’s anything you can’t find or if you need more information, please get in touch by emailing or calling 01460 238 000.

Top image: Briony Campbell/ActionAid

Page updated 26 October 2021