Samiksha (pictured middle) playing with friends in Kathmandu, Nepal

Celebrate with ActionAid

Meet Aneka and Jay

Aneka and Jay chose to donate a percentage of their wedding gifts to ActionAid.

"It was a pleasure to donate a percentage of our wedding gifts to ActionAid because Aneka’s late grandma was hugely passionate about the rights and wellbeing of women, and this is a charity we feel she would have felt compelled to support. We also felt that whilst celebrating our own happy occasion, our wedding was an opportunity to improve the lives of others.”

Thank you Aneka and Jay! 

Stream for change

could buy an emergency bundle gift, which could provide clean water, food and blankets to families who have lost everything.

could provide a bed, mattress and bedding for temporary shelters in India for women and girls escaping violence.

can buy a solar-powered pumping machine for five households in Cambodia, providing them with a dependable water source for farming.

could provide leadership training for 10 women in Ethiopia who are members of a savings and credit co-operative.

Lydia, police detective helping tackle child marriage in Ghana

Ruth McDowall/ActionAid

Rescuing girls abducted for child marriage in Ghana

Lydia, 34, is a detective in Tumu, northern Ghana. Since 2010, she has been working with ActionAid to rescue girls who have been abducted into marriage and help return them to their families.

"I deal with one to three cases a week of child marriage," she says. “The youngest girl I have had to save was 15. When you find them they are miserable – not happy being with the man, especially if taken forcibly to the man’s place.

“On a normal day, people come to report cases like aggression and child marriage in my office. Whenever they come to report it, I go round to investigate the case. If it’s true, I go and bring the child back to the office and bring the child’s family and the complainant’s family to solve the case and get the child back to school.

"The problem is improving through the support of NGOs. ActionAid staff will go to villages and talk to people. Because of that, it has reduced and is no longer as high as it was. Now we are educating the parents and children too.”



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Top image: Samiksha (pictured middle) playing with friends in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sabitri Thapa and Niru Pahari / ActionAid

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