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Let girls learn this Christmas

Meet 13-year-old Happy. Happy attends a ActionAid supported catch up centre in Kenya. 

Happy was forced to stop going to school when her parents were unable to afford her school fees. When she dropped out she started attending an ActionAid funded catch-up centre giving her the chance to gain basic numeracy and literacy skills as well as learn about her rights.  "My first day I went to school, I didn't know how to read Kiswahili, but when I went there, I learned how to read Kiswahili."

Once Happy has completed her course at the catch-up centre, she will be able to return to formal schooling and pursue apprenticeships or further training. 

Now, Happy looks forward to getting a job and earning enough money to build her parents a house. Her mum, Nzingo, says she saw a change in Happy when she enrolled in the catch-up centre: 'She is happy now; she can read and write, and I am thankful."

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Happy, 13, goes to a catch-up centre in Malindi, Kenya. She loves learning Kiswahili and wants to grow up to become a tailor or a doctor.

Esther Sweeney/ActionAid

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Santa in the City, Esther Sweeney/ActionAid.

Page updated 22 November 2021