Stand with Women

Women’s rights are still in lockdown. Right now, millions of women and girls around the world are fighting for their freedom, their futures and even their lives.

Covid-19 has made a bad situation worse, deepening inequalities and exposing a hidden pandemic of violence and poverty.  But in communities large and small, away from the spotlight, women and girls are leading the change.

Money raised from this event will support women like Florence. Florence is the director of the ActionAid Tusitukirewamu Women's network in Kampala, Uganda and has been working to end violence against women in Uganda, and supporter survivors.

A survivor of violence herself, Florence works tirelessly in her community to support women in need. She ensures women have a safe space to sleep, can access counselling and take their cases to court. She told us that, due to the pandemic, her work has become more critical than ever.

Florence is on the front line and working around the clock to help women who are trapped with their abusers. It's vital that we stand with her. 

A donation of £12 could provide essentials like clothing, underwear, soap, and sanitary protection for survivors of violence who have fled with nothing.

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Esther Mbabazi/ActionAid


Page updated 13 January 2021