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Hear from ActionAid supporters who have left a gift in their Will

Linda Marsden and Jeff Marsden 

Samantha Rowe-Beddoe Gregory Nasmyth

I was first inspired to support ActionAid over 30 years ago by the actress Thelma Barlow from Coronation Street, who sponsored children through ActionAid. Supporting women and girls is one of the key elements of all ActionAid programmes. My husband and I were delighted to sponsor a girl from age 8 to 16. It is so important for women and girls to have opportunities and receive an education.  

Many women are wanting their daughters to have what they didn’t. Impressed by ActionAid’s unstinting support for and championing of girls’ and women’s rights in the developing world we have been faithful donors down the years. Women and girls especially need support. I want to enable girls to be able to dream and know that females can be engineers and women can run businesses.  

When it came to writing our Will, it was natural that the charitable donation part should be to ActionAid, and we had no hesitation in including a codicil to that effect. 

We truly believe the work ActionAid does provides the way forward for communities in so many parts of the world. We like the steady and considered manner in which ActionAid pursues its goals and agree wholeheartedly with their premise that women and girls deserve opportunity and justice. Like ActionAid, we believe that when given the opportunity, women and girls can have a significant and beneficial effect on their communities. 

We are proud to continue our support and include in our Will some means of advancing the welfare and prosperity of girls and women and their efforts to create successful communities in developing countries. 

By leaving a gift in your Will to ActionAid, you will be making an enormous difference with a charity that concerns itself with the whole community. ActionAid wants to be able to offer the support and provide tools to be able to advance and develop communities to help themselves. 

How your gift could help a girl stay in school

After the devastating Cyclone Fani arrived in Bangladesh, Munni and her sister had to go to a cyclone shelter immediately.

The next day Munni and her family found everything that they owned had flown away and their house had been battered by the storm. 

Munni and her sister lost their school books and stationery and the cyclone also meant they could no longer go to school.

With ActionAid's help, Munni's family received emergency food and school kits so they could continue their education until their house and school were rebuilt. 

Now Munni and her sister have a place to sleep and can go to school. A gift in your Will could help us ensure we reach more girls so they can go to school and receive the education they need for a brighter future.

Jamil Akter/ActionAid


Page updated 8 June 2021