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Scott Trevithick

Each person who remembers ActionAid in their Will is in fact remembering the world’s poorest people."

Girish Menon, CEO, ActionAid UK

A single gift can transform the lives of people for years to come

The people of Chambok Village, Cambodia, know this well.

Dengue fever was a major cause of death in the community until one supporter’s legacy funded training in its prevention.

48-year-old Pat Sam saw many children, particularly those under 18, get ill and often die. Her own son got very ill at the age of seven.

“There used to be so many cases like this in the village. When children got ill like this, we thought it was some kind of measles." 

ADIFE [ActionAid’s local partner in Cambodia] provided training and knowledge about Dengue fever -what it was, how it was spread and how to prevent it.

Now rates of infection are greatly reduced and people are looking forward to a more secure future for their children.

Pat Sam said:

We followed their advice and now there are much fewer cases of Dengue fever in the village.  My message to the donors would be thank you, thank you very much for the funds because it has saved people’s lives here.”

Pat Sam, 48, was trained in Dengue fever prevention. The program was funded by a supporter's legacy.

Harry Freeland/ActionAid


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Page updated 10 May 2021