Top image: ActionAid provides schools in Nigeria with free learning and writing materials so they can complete their education. Beauty Ituku/ActionAid

Leave a gift in your Will

Supporter testimonial

Hear from our supporter Linda Marsden on why she is leaving a gift in her Will to ActionAid.

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We are here to support you through the Will-writing process.

We have partnered with National Free Will Network, Will Aid and the GoodWill Partnership to offer you Will-writing services. Find out what each of these schemes offer and how you can book an appointment. 

A single gift can transform the lives of people for years to come

The people of Chambok Village, Cambodia, know this well.

Dengue fever was a major cause of death in the community until one supporter’s legacy funded training in its prevention.

48-year-old Pat Sam saw many children, particularly those under 18, get ill and often die. Her own son got very ill at the age of seven.

“There used to be so many cases like this in the village. When children got ill like this, we thought it was some kind of measles." 

ADIFE [ActionAid’s local partner in Cambodia] provided training and knowledge about Dengue fever -what it was, how it was spread and how to prevent it.

Now rates of infection are greatly reduced and people are looking forward to a more secure future for their children.

Pat Sam said:

We followed their advice and now there are much fewer cases of Dengue fever in the village.  My message to the donors would be thank you, thank you very much for the funds because it has saved people’s lives here.”

Hear from ActionAid supporters who have left a gift in their Will

Linda Marsden and Jeff Marsden 

Linda Marsden
Jeff Marsden

I was first inspired to support ActionAid over 30 years ago by the actress Thelma Barlow from Coronation Street, who sponsored children through ActionAid. Supporting women and girls is one of the key elements of all ActionAid programmes. My husband and I were delighted to sponsor a girl from age 8 to 16. It is so important for women and girls to have opportunities and receive an education.  

Many women are wanting their daughters to have what they didn’t. Impressed by ActionAid’s unstinting support for and championing of girls’ and women’s rights in the developing world we have been faithful donors down the years. Women and girls especially need support. I want to enable girls to be able to dream and know that females can be engineers and women can run businesses.  

When it came to writing our Will, it was natural that the charitable donation part should be to ActionAid, and we had no hesitation in including a codicil to that effect. 

We truly believe the work ActionAid does provides the way forward for communities in so many parts of the world. We like the steady and considered manner in which ActionAid pursues its goals and agree wholeheartedly with their premise that women and girls deserve opportunity and justice. Like ActionAid, we believe that when given the opportunity, women and girls can have a significant and beneficial effect on their communities. 

We are proud to continue our support and include in our Will some means of advancing the welfare and prosperity of girls and women and their efforts to create successful communities in developing countries. 

By leaving a gift in your Will to ActionAid, you will be making an enormous difference with a charity that concerns itself with the whole community. ActionAid wants to be able to offer the support and provide tools to be able to advance and develop communities to help themselves. 

Have your will drawn up from home, or over the phone

The Goodwill Partnership

ActionAid is an official charity partner of The Goodwill Partnership, the largest distributor of home-visit, solicitor-provided wills in England and Wales.

If you would like to have your will drawn up from the comfort of your own home or over the phone, appointments can take place at a time that is convenient for you, including during evenings and weekends. All Wills are then checked by a panel firm of solicitors, who can also provide legal advice and storage of your signed will.

ActionAid supporters can access The Goodwill Partnership’s service at a discounted rate with no obligation to leave a gift to charity in your Will.

Find out more or book an appointment on The Goodwill Partnership's website.

Visit The Goodwill Partnership's website

Make your will this November with Will Aid

ActionAid has partnered with Will Aid to give you the chance to have your will professionally drawn up by a qualified solicitor this November.

Instead of paying a solicitor’s fee, you are invited to make a voluntary donation which will help fund life changing work around the world. 

All donations made via Will Aid are divided between the nine participating charities – including ActionAid. Use Will Aid’s online postcode search to find a solicitor near you, or call them on 0300 0309 558 for details.


    How your gift could help a girl stay in school

    Jane, 14, lives in Mombasa, Kenya, and dreams of becoming a police officer. But because of the Covid-19 pandemic, she missed out on school for a whole year. Some girls in the community ended dropping out completely and became pregnant.

    "With schools being closed people started to get involved in negative things. Now in our school, we have many girls who are pregnant."

    ActionAid runs girls' forums in parts of Kenya and helps empower girls to stay in school and teach them about their rights.

    If I had the power, I would convince girls who are out of school, to go back to school. I’d also urge them to join the girl’s forum because it will be of great help. It has helped me a lot.”

    After Jane finishes school, she wants to continue to educate other girls and build her family a house

    A gift in your Will could ensure girls like Jane are able to gain better access to an education and pass that knowledge onto future generations.




    Supporter testimonial

    Read Ruth Cook's testimonial on why she chose to include ActionAid in her Will.

    Ruth Cook decided to leave a gift in her Will to ActionAid

    "As a lifelong feminist, I am very supportive of the focus that ActionAid has taken on women and girls. There is a lot of evidence that if you educate women and give them access to health, that has the biggest impact on future generations.

    On an emotional level, I am really pleased that my money will go towards supporting projects that help women and girls.

    I have had a Will written for quite some time now and ActionAid has always been included in it.

    I am in quite a financially secure position, and of course, my children will receive the majority of my inheritance, but it was very important to me that a percentage should be left to a charity. My close affiliation with ActionAid made it easy to decide whom to leave a percentage of my inheritance to.

    If you are thinking about your legacy and what happens beyond your death – after your family benefits from the finances you have accrued in your lifetime – it is also really important to think about what would have the most impact around the world.

    In that sense, I feel confident that a gift left to ActionAid will be money well spent and will make a difference to people who have very little.

    Top image: ActionAid provides schools in Nigeria with free learning and writing materials so they can complete their education. Beauty Ituku/ActionAid

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