Another world is possible Volume 2: Centring economies around care

This report advances feminist economic alternatives to secure rights, justice and autonomy for women and a fair, green, gender-equal world.

Jointly produced by ActionAid UK and ActionAid Netherlands, this report seeks to shine a light on some of the multitude of feminist economic alternatives that exist demonstrating their huge value and providing inspiration and practical examples for policymakers.

This is the second volume of four.

Executive summary

It has long been argued that the prevailing economic system serves to both exploit and exacerbate women’s relative position of economic, social and political exclusion. As the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic it is crucial that human rights and climate & social justice drive social reform. This must redress gender inequalities at the national level as well as power imbalances between the Global North and Global South, which intensify gender inequalities.

Feminist economists, activists, women’s rights organisations (WROs) and movements have been offering economic models to organise economies and engage in economic activity as alternatives to mainstream, orthodox approaches for decades. We argue squarely that the idea of ‘one economic’ system must be challenged and that feminist economic alternatives should be pursued as an urgent priority. The recommendations and alternatives put forward in this report builds on the work of many feminist economists and activists and women’s rights organisations and groups.

The report is made-up of a compendium spread across four volumes. This is the second volume of four.

There are three volumes that complement this volume:

Volume 1: Another World is Possible: Advancing feminist economic alternatives

Volume 3: Ensuring a just transition

Volume 4: Building the conditions for feminist economic alternatives to flourish