Imagining Feminist Wellbeing Economies

This report aims to reveal the damaging impacts of the dominant economic model and institutions and enables us to imagine alternative pathways for a radical transition to an equitable and sustainable global economic architecture that puts the wellbeing of people and the planet at its core. 

Executive summary

The report explores and sets out the principles, ideas and concepts for feminist wellbeing economies (FWE) that reject the notion of profits over people and presents a new vision for society and communities. It also draws from potential policy pathways in Malawi and beyond. 

Transitioning to FWE will require a systems-change approach that seeks to reveal the devastating impacts of colonial legacy, the continued illicit financial flows, tax evasion, agri-business and capitalist extraction of natural resources. It will require applying a decolonial lens and alternative approaches such as agroecology, pluralism and wellbeing as a metric of development (rather than GDP). 

The research also considers what this agenda means for International Financial Institutions, donors and other countries in the Global North.