Request for Proposal: Creative Consultancy Framework

ActionAid UK is looking for highly skilled freelance consultants from creative and media industries to support us in our work with women and girls living in poverty.

We’re looking for people with a range of skills including photography, film, animation, design, copywriting, editing, PR and event managers. For more information, please read the Creative Consultant/Freelancer Framework below. To apply, please see the instruction documents and forms below.

Objective of the Consultancy Framework

The objective of this RFP is to establish a Framework of diverse, highly skilled creative consultants/freelancers able to support ActionAid UK’s work between 2019 and 2022. 

As prospective funding becomes available, Terms of Reference, outlining each item of work required, will be sent to each consultant in the framework, depending upon their stated skills and expertise, for an opportunity to bid on the stated position. These bidding opportunities will be short-term, perhaps as little as 3-4 days, and ActionAid will make a selection at that time. 

In contracting for this work, we will use the fee rate range determined by Contracts and Procurement’s review of each consultant/freelancer’s fee rate as part of our final agreement. 

In this way, ActionAid UK will likely have a turnaround from initial bid to putting a consultant under contract in 10 working days or less. We expect to tender both planned pieces of work (in advance) and short-term pieces of work through the Framework. 

Please note that submission to this Request for Proposal indicates your willingness to become part of this Framework agreement and is not a guarantee of work.

Submission deadlines

2021:  31 March 2021

           30 June 2021

           30 September 2021

All bidders to the framework must designate, in their proposal, both Lot Number/s AND Subsection/s (by number and Job title), to which positions they are applying. 

You must also describe your day rates in a range (one day rate for 1-15 days; another day rate for 15-28 days, and a final day rate for up to 40 days). Failure to follow these instructions may cause either a delay in review or rejection of your submission.

Any submissions received after a deadline date will be held for review until the next deadline; resubmission is not required, and receipt will be acknowledged.

Please refer to the documents below for specific detail to answer this Request for Proposal.

Download the full tender documents

Closing date: 30 September 2021

Location: London