Tender: Face-to-face Fundraising Services for ActionAid UK

ActionAid UK is looking for suppliers to provide face to face fundraising (F2F) services to support us in our role in global fundraising for the wider ActionAid Federation and delivering our ambitions laid out in our strategy.

The Acquisition team at ActionAid UK (AAUK) recruit new supporters (links) and raise unrestricted income through a diverse range of channels.  

Objectives of the F2F Tender

AAUK have been running F2F activity for a number of years, with varying success. Current campaigns aim to recruit child sponsorship links with a regular giving drop ask. 

F2F programme objectives are:

  • Recruit new committed financial supporters for AAUK via CS or RG offers. 

  • Develop strong, positive relationships between AAUK and its supporters through F2F conversations and recruitment. 

  • Consistently monitor and report on campaign performance. 

  • Optimise individual F2F campaigns as appropriate to improve campaign performance. 

Currently, our F2F focus is on street and private site activity. 

In order to support this investment, AAUK are looking for agencies with substantial F2F experience to support expansion of this channel. 

F2F tender process and timeline

Submissions will be reviewed on or around the 29th May 2024. 

Once your submission has been accepted by AAUK you will be offered the chance to pitch (May 2024) and quote for a pilot test AAUK F2F campaign to take place in the second half of 2024. 

If AAUK decide to proceed, we would agree on the pilot campaign. 

If the pilot is completed to a satisfactory standard and both parties are happy, you will then be added to our approved supplier list and will be invited to quote for all AAUK F2F campaigns conducted from 2025 – 2026 (subject to review for extension). 

Download full tender documents and supplier instructions

Further details can be found in the attached documents. 

Closing date: 29 May 2024