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Zakia, 7, sits with her family in their dark, one-room mud house in Bamyan province, Afghanistan

Lorenzo Tugnoli is a documentary photographer based in Kabul, Afghanistan, who takes photographs for ActionAid. His work has been published by The New York Times, Le Monde and Time Magazine, to name a few, and he has just published The Little Book of Kabul, on the city's artistic scene.Read our interview with Lorenzo below and find out why this photo of Zakia is one of his favourites, and how you can help give children like Zakia a better future.

Jodie Whittaker tells us how her her sponsorship is helping Sakina in Afghanistan

Why I sponsor a child in Afghanistan

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Actress and ActionAid Ambassador, Jodie Whittaker, currently best known for her role in the popular TV series Broadchurch, sponsors a little girl called Sakina in Afghanistan. Watch the video below to listen to Jodie telling us why she sponsors a child with ActionAid and read more about how you can help children affected by conflict.

An inmate at a women's prison in Herat, Afghanistan.

Next week, Afghanistan’s newly elected President will be in London, meeting ministers from across the world to decide immediate priorities for Afghanistan’s future. Although the UK government has promised to make women’s rights a priority at the conference, our women's rights expert, Rachel Noble, explains why the rights of women in Afghanistan are hanging in the balance.

Mobina is a radio journalist and ActionAid-trained paralegal in Afghanistan

The NATO Summit taking place in Wales yesterday and today is the largest gathering of international leaders ever held in Britain.

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