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Brides and grooms can choose to send a message of love, and change lives for good with an ActionAid wedding gift list

As wedding season approaches it can sometimes be difficult to remember what’s important. Seating plans and colour schemes can all too easily take over, leaving DIY wedding planners baffled by a to-do list full of things they never knew they would care about so much. I know because I’m planning a wedding myself, and have just emerged from the depths of centrepiece research (conclusion: it doesn’t matter). Amidst all the decisions - real or silk flowers? whether to brave the first dance? - we shouldn't forget what weddings are really about. Find out how brides and grooms can choose to send a message of love, and change lives for good, on their wedding day. 

Three teenage boys who attended ActionAid training and are now campaigning to end FGM in Somaliland.

There are 836 million people living in extreme poverty, most of them in developing countries. The figures are staggering. But the power to change that lies in the hands of young people, and the young people who work with ActionAid provide a really inspiring example. International Youth Day falls every year on 12th August, and this year’s theme is “eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable consumption and production”. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate just some of the amazing young people who work with ActionAid.

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Ellie waves to the crowd as she runs the Royal Parks Half Marathon.

At ActionAid, we’re lucky enough to work with some of the most inspiring and incredible women. When people fundraise for us, the money they raise means that we can work alongside even more women, to change their lives for good. Three of our runners in last year’s Royal Parks Half Marathon, Ellie, Lisa and Claire, explain why they loved running for ActionAid – and how knowing the difference their sponsorship would make for women across the world kept them going, even at the toughest moments!

Caroline and David from our amazing RideLondon team celebrate their success!

Cycling is booming in the UK, with millions of people enjoying the freedom, fresh air and endorphins of being on a bike. And whether you’re an avid cyclist with all the gear, or your bike's in the shed and could do with dusting down, if you love cycling RideLondon will be the ride of your life! Check out our top five reasons why you should saddle up with ActionAid this July and get involved in this world-class event. 

Theresa (centre) and her school friends are from Northern Ghana, and received bikes from ActionAid so they can get to school safely

Whether you're a roadie, newbie, Boris biker, a fixed-gear freestyler or a Shoreditch hipster cyclist - here are some fun facts that you probably didn't know about your beloved two-wheeled friend.

Girls at Makhnda U17 football club enjoy the game in South Africa

The World Cup 2018 kicks off on June 14th and football fever has now reached boiling point. All around the world, fans are gearing up for World Cup screenings, sweepstakes and generally having a football focused good time.This is a great fundraising opportunity! To show how you can get into the fundraising football spirit we've put together some World Cup-themed fundraising ideas to spark your imagination and help you hit and exceed your target.