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Women from Kongelai communties have banded together to form the Kongelai Women's Network, a support group for women and girls, which campaigns for FGM awareness and provided help for girls escaping FGM.

It’s August - and it’s school holidays in Kenya. But for the 107 members of the Kongelai Women’s Network, it’s anything but a time to relax. The summer is known as the “cutting season”, so these women are on high alert for reports of girls being forced to have female genital mutilation (FGM) in their villages, and are ready to welcome those fleeing their homes in fear of the brutal procedure.  

Abigail's friend bled to death after having FGM in Kenya. Abigail ran away to an ActionAid safe house to avoid the same fate.

From this week, stark images of girls in Kenya will be cutting into adverts and video screens across the country. The images are part of a campaign we're launching with ActionAid Kenya to highlight how some girls' lives are being brutally cut short by FGM - whether through the immediate risks or the longer term impact.

ActionAid volunteers giving out Bodyform sanitary pads at Latitude Festival 2016

"Hi, have you got two minutes to talk about periods?" Not the easiest of questions to ask complete strangers, but this is what team ActionAid were doing at Latitude Festival last week. Whether you were there or not, if you care about breaking period taboos we thought you'd enjoy these photo highlights.

Festival-goers partying away at Latitude 2015. You certainly can’t dance on someone’s shoulders like that if you’re on your period without a sanitary towel!

Yes, it's the time of the month to talk about periods again. I always get super excited about festivals – the music, the dancing, the food... but this week I’m even more excited than usual, because not only am I going to Latitude - one of the UK's best music and culture festivals - but I'm going there with the ActionAid team to do something pretty out there - bust period taboos!

How you made 2015 an amazing year

How you made 2015 an amazing year

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This has been a wonderful, terrifying, inspirational year. Thanks to our amazing supporters, we helped more than five million people in 2015. Take a minute to watch this short review of the year, to see how you’ve helped the world’s poorest women and girls. Warning: contains cute children!

Children like Amina no longer miss lessons due to bad weather thanks to the new school block built with ActionAid’s support

All over the world, girls are missing out on the education they deserve, simply because of classroom conditions. Poor-quality classrooms can be damp, uncomfortable and even dangerous – but ActionAid is changing this. With the generous regular gifts from ActionAid supporters, we’re helping girls get a better education and a brighter future.