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Girls rights

Abigail, 14, ran away from home to escape FGM. She is now living in an ActionAid-funded safe house, in Kongelai, West Pokot, and fronting our campaign to help protect other girls.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is ruthless. It has no health benefits for girls and women. The procedure can cause severe bleeding and lasting health problems. When you look at the faces of young innocent girls who are helpless and are afraid of undergoing the cut, you feel very sad and angered.

Dase, 12, with girls in school in Ethiopia who will benefit from new school buildings and toilets.

Toilets? We probably don’t give them too much thought in our day to day life. Why would we? But what if we were one of the 2.4 billion – yes billion - people across the globe who don’t have access to a clean or safe toilet?

12-year old Beauty is just one of the hundreds of girls supported though education by ActionAid in Bangladesh.

Tripti is 16 and lives in Rajshahi district in Bangladesh. Discrimination against girls is widespread in her community, but despite this Tripti and her family are standing up for gender equality. As part of our celebration of the International Day of the Girl we asked Tripti and her mother to share her successes at school, and their hopes for girls in the future. 

Sathi setting off to school in the morning from her home in Jamalpur district in Bangladesh.

Sathi, 15, lives in a remote village of Jamalpur district in Bangladesh and loves school and football. She now attends high school and is renowned for her determined attitude towards studying - but she missed five years of education when her parents could not afford to pay. Sathi was devastated, until an ActionAid partner stepped in and she was eventually able to resume her education. For International Day of the Girl we spoke to Sathi and her mum about the challenges she faces.

Katie showing her support for Goal 5 of the #GlobalGoals for Development - gender equality.

Katie is from Edinburgh. Despite only being 15, she is already a Girlguiding Advocate, a champion for girls and much much more. As part of our celebrations for International Day of the Girl this week we asked Katie about her achievements, her ambitions, and why she cares so much about Global Goal 5 - gender equality.

Mia taking photos with her camera - one of her favourite hobbies.

As part of our celebration of International Day of the Girl we're sharing the voices of 15-year-old girls and their mums. Read what Mia and her mum Paula, who live in Brighton, have to say about some of the difficulties facing girls in the UK right now and how they're standing up to them.