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  • Refugee women and children are being affected by the EU-Turkey deal.

    World on the move: the impact on women and children

    Posted in Blog on 16 May 2016

    I've been working as part of ActionAid's refugee crisis response team since last year. In that time, I've seen stories of mothers risking everything for their children, harsh winters creating even more dangerous conditions for thousands of refugees and stories of generosity and kindness amongst all the devastation. 

    But from March 20th everything changed: Europe shut its borders and made a deal with Turkey that suddenly turned the crisis on its head. Where the Greek island of Lesvos was once a place of hope and respite for so many, one of the camps - Kara Tepe - was turned into a place of limbo with people waiting for an outcome, the other - Moria - became a detention centre, where the gates were closed and the army flown in. Ahead of the BBC series World on the Move, I travelled to Lesvos to see first-hand the impact of the EU-Turkey deal and meet some of the women and children affected by it all.

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