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Molupo Makhetha, aged 7, with her grandmother Malisemolo Mosola

It's World Food Day! And to mark the occasion we're introducing you to Makhetha, who lives with her grandmother and four of her cousins in Lesotho.

Norman Baker receives biofuels campaigns message from Jenny Ricks, Head of Campaigns for ActionAid UK, and ActionAid supporters

Last week we finished off a jam-packed week of campaigning on biofuels when we met the Minister responsible for biofuels in the British Government, Norman Baker, to demand the UK supports the call for Food Not Fuel.

ActionAid Campaigners take your call for Food Not Fuel to Westminster

Almost 9,000 of you from across the UK have taken action over the last year to stamp out the use of biofuels that cause hunger. This week we took your call for Food Not Fuel to the heart of Westminster.